My recent post was on health. It is very important, but there’s something as important as health and that’s EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT; the way you react to others and the way you tackle your own ego. We require this quotient at every point of time in our lives but we tend to ignore it, either we aren’t aware or we don’t want to pay heed just because our own ego overrules everything. Here are some points that might trigger and allow you to focus on your strong emotional quotient. It’s there in all of us; inbuilt but we need to wake that up!!

  • Remain centered, regardless of any circumstance. It sounds like a simple line while reading but it is quite tough when you have to apply it. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOUR PEACE OF MIND. But somehow this is forgotten and just a mere chaotic situation ruins everything.
  • We’re all essentially greater than any circumstance. YOU ARE A PRIORITY-Always!
  • Our nature is like a jigsaw puzzle, where the pieces do not fit easily. Align those pieces and you can overcome pain, suffering, depression. All you have to do is not let go of your positivity, your self esteem, your faith; and boommm! your puzzle is ready 🙂
  • Hold on to your life dreams, life mantra. Hold on to things you believe in, it’s gonna be a boon. Never let go of anything special to you. May it be loved ones or your most loved ambitions and aspirations. Your strong desire to make it happen will get your goal close to you-sooner or later. We were all given the same simple blissful life – WE MADE IT ALL COMPLICATED!
  • It’s the ego inside you that gets depressed when it’s desires aren’t met. Uprooting the ego is the only way to uplift yourself to another level, above and beyond any circumstances.
  • Our aim is to reach a place where only bliss is recognized.
  • Last but not the least, what we are to the outer world is an ALLOY. What we really are, is the way we are when no one’s around. What we have to be is AN UNALLOYED PURE SOUL FILLED WITH HAPPINESS, CONSCIOUS AND FREE FROM EGO AND IGNORANCE!!

Hope you like this post of mine. It’s my second post of MAY 2020 challenge. Drop in your comments on what you think and feel about Emotional Quotient.

LOVE – Akiraa

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