30 Day BLOGGING CHALLENGE!-a memorable experience:)

It’s been 30 days already! I am writing one post each day since last 30 days. It’s been an experience worth sharing. It was a real struggle but filled with the inner joy one can’t explain in words. Every night used to end in deciding what I should write on and each morning in front of my screen doing the one thing in the day which I love doing—-writing a blog post.

Giving a voice to what’s on your mind, putting the scattered thought fragments in one place, rearrange the randomness, joining words to make a long post and being amazed at the joys and challenges of experimenting with the appropriate photos, the editing part and so much action goes behind those 700-800 words you see in front of you, which you may or may not read till the end. That smile when there is a notification saying, someone liked you post or someone followed you. It’s just WOW!! It was 17 followers when I started this challenge on 1st May 2020. Today, it’s 34. I feel overwhelmed. Thank you so much to all those who have liked my content so far.

It’s been a 30 day journey of faith, hope, patience and inspiration. The feeling when you constantly wait for a notification or response the moment you publish something, the fun and delight in reading and answering comments, the pleasure of discovering loyal fellow bloggers who support you. I look forward to their post each day. The priceless feeling of knowing the fact that there are so many writers and bloggers who think exactly like you. Feels like a real team online. My league!

What sums up into my blog post is totally based on the one million thoughts that run in my mind when I’m playing with my kid, watching TV, when I am cooking, etc. It can come to me anytime, anywhere. I just need that spark to happen and the words just flow. The last 30 days were crazy. I am so happy I could stay committed to this challenge till the last day today when I am sitting here to share my experience. There were mixed days.

There’s a day when I slept late and didn’t get up on time so the post got delayed and I had to write it in the noon, with my Rudra (kiddo) sitting besides me talking continuously on his cycling experience. The thoughts break. The flow disappears somewhere in my mind but still I try to catch it. Phew!! Somehow I manage to reach the conclusion. Thanks to those who have read, liked or commented. Your response means the world to me. It’s like the first month salary to an employee.

Some days go super smooth; post written on time, editing on time and published as planned. Views also were great. I have seen the zero views going up till a hundred views and so many liking my post personally. This organic growth is just marvelous for me. If you have gone through this exact budding stage, you know what feeling this is.

I am glad I took this challenge for myself. The output is profound. And the joy is inexplicable. I am not expecting a grand or instant overnight transformation, but the steadily ascending graph is like a river that gently and slowly reaches its ocean. I have my goals ready and my effort will keep pouring. A day will come I know. At the moment. I am HAPPY; and that’s all that matters.

Thank you once again to all my readers. You took out time to read and respond. This is a wave of positivity. I wish it never ends. Keep writing, spread love. And the new bloggers I am in touch with, let me inform you one thing; you will always be the first and the oldest block to my building!!!:) GRATEFUL!

Also, I have taken up the 30 day Instagram Challenge for June. If anyone of you interested, please let me know. We can engage together.

Dear readers, if you would like to share your blog with me, please leave a description of what one can find on your site. We can together connect the similar niche bloggers and connect positively. Let’s create A happy Blogging Community. Share this post !!

Closure to my 30-day Blogging Challenge.

Lots of love


TIME management…(1)

The beauty of time lies in the fact that “WHETHER GOOD OR BAD, TIME CHANGES.”

Many of us feel life is passing by too quickly; time flies is what we caption on Instagram. It looks great with a childhood picture or a throwback picture. But, Are we really happy about growing up so fast? Time is something that moves on, it doesn’t wait for any of us. We move from one season to the other and wonder where time went. Time flies at a tremendous speed and we are not able to achieve what we wanted. To get everything what we want out of the given time, we got to plan a time management for goal setting. It’s like learning the strategy or trick to find a coin from water; which is not stagnant and continuously flowing.

Generations change; you are the one cuddling in your mother’s lap and now you are a mother. Many a times, we wonder if we are really accomplishing all that we set out to achieve? Life is measured in the number of breaths we take. We feel like we waste much of the precious gift of our life’s breaths and our time in useless pursuits. Instead of gaining what is most important, we waste time in petty pursuits. Do you agree?

Time management means making the best use of our time. This is an important aspect and secret to achieve our goals. Time is precious. Once the time is gone, we can’t retrieve it back.

Think about each moment and don’t let it go waste. Ask yourself, for what are you trading time with? Do you want to trade it away for thoughts of anger and greed? Do you want to waste each precious breath in brooding over the past and worrying about the future? Do you want to spend your time in some petty things not valuable? Or ……………. Do you wish to spend the present moment in doing something to discover who you really are and to find out your purpose in life? Sounds sensible right?

Goal setting begins with deciding what is important in life. In YOUR life!!! A goal for you might not be even in the thought process for someone else. To set this goal in your mind is a great idea. It will avoid the aimless adrift. We can and we should spend some time in deciding the direction we wish to go in. Once the plan is ready, your goal is clear in you head, all you need to do is move towards your goal, with all the hard work and here comes; manage your time in the entire journey!! When there’s little time left for something, we got to make the best of it as well.

I was too bad at managing time. But I feel I have learned it to some extent. This also took away my time. But now that I am aware of it, I shouldn’t waste any further time or shouldn’t waste any more breaths. There are some tips and tricks to manage time which I will be sharing in my next posts.

Let me know in the comments.—What is the most important principle of time management according to you?

My 30th post of the May 2020 Blogging Challenge. I am so so happy I could finish this. Thank you my readers. Your likes and comments motivate me. Hope I can reach out to topics which are best to read for you guys.



A woman– this 5 letter magical word or should I say the word that never has one precise google definition? Everybody has a different way to explain this word. How do you define this? I thought about my answer, but I’m finding it pretty difficult to frame one definition for this. This post is a spontaneous one; just typing whatever impulse my mind sends to my fingers. I am a woman-a proud one with so many roles each day.

The woman appears deceptively weak, fragile and vulnerable. Yet there is enormous vitality waiting to be tapped. The woman plays an anchor role in keeping the family together and maintaining friction-free relationships. She is breaking stereotypes and establishing herself in male-dominated arenas.

This warrior has to balance various roles at home and at work. Sometimes, she is also the sole bread winner. She juggles at every point. The society expects her to be mature, patient, soft-spoken, gentle, warm and a picture of grace and charm. But, on the other hand, circumstances demand that she be tough, independent, solution provider and a leader.

In every phase of life, we have a crucial role to play, may it be a daughter-in-law, a wife, a mother or just a person whose prime duty is others’ happiness. When this duty is performed well, bingo!!! – You are the best; if not, you are a loser in the eyes of the society. But, the real success lies in the fact that a woman performs her duties well and she is happy as well, quite a task…it’s super important and personal happiness is the one thing that keeps us going, isn’t it? There were times when women fight for their rights, their dreams and their smile. This is an era of a warrior in the form of a woman. She struggles and juggles and fights all day and night to ensure, that while conducting a full proof program of a happy child, a satisfied mother-in-law and an up to the mark wife for her husband, she is happy too in the end. Kudos to all the warrior women out there Cheers to their hard work, determination and perseverance.

Before becoming a woman, let’s learn to be happy. This will keep us going always. However you work hard the whole day, that smile shouldn’t fade. Many of us are the best in this. We are almost dead but we smile at the picture our child just drew. You don’t feel like entering the kitchen but it’s your mother-in-law’s birthday and she wants you to cook her favourite dish for her. We want a long drive and hubby wants Netflix. No wonder we do all of these which are not our preferences in the first place but over the years I’ve realized that it doesn’t really matter. Others’ happiness can make you happy as well. And women are designed this way it seems…haha..

If someone says, “SHUT UP, keep quiet and sit down, you are just a woman” You better tell them to shut up because being a woman doesn’t mean you are weak. Work for others, be awesome, flaunt you strength, but don’t let anyone take advantage of your weaknesses. At the same time, don’t let anyone or anything come in the way of your happiness. We have so many roles to play in a single day. Damn so many roles—so many expressions. Some expressions are taken care of, some go waste but we never stop moving ahead. Isn’t this amazing?

Just Be proud of your creation, feel fortunate that God gave you birth as a woman. I appreciate each woman reading this for not giving up at any point of time when an ordinary tends to lose patience or hope. Thank you for being a warrior— a warrior who only knows how to respect, how to love, how to sacrifice. Yes, that is something which makes us special.

Nobody eats leftovers; but a mother does that. She can eat the leftovers from her child’s plate. Some dishes are meant to be eaten hot, who eats it cold or not-hot? A daughter-in-law or a bahu does that, because she was busy serving her family and by the time it’s her turn to eat, she is too tired to garnish it all over again. ( there are few lucky ones like me who have husbands to serve ) I am just trying to focus on this amazing creation on earth—WOMAN. Where there is a will, there is a way anddddddd Where there is a woman, there is magic!!! Be happy and witness this magic. Hey woman, you are more than anything; YOU ARE A WARRIOR INDEED. Just be the way you are. You know exactly how to love and be loved. Be cheerful!!!

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My 29th post of the May 2020 Blogging Challenge!

Meditation-the inner secret!

The STAY HOME situation has opened doors for quite a lot of things for all of us and for me as well; where I have tried to try something which I had never thought of trying, to be honest. My husband has been meditating for quite a while and he’d had some amazing inexplicable experiences. Whenever I ask about his views and feels on meditation, he just nods by saying, it’s something superlatively abstract which can only be felt at a personal level. It was high time and plus I had all the time to explore what it actually was. Had read a lot about it though, but the urge to feel it was soaring high in me by now. The lockdown worked in my favour with respect to meditation; I started it right away and here I am to tell you where the secret lies.

A million trillion thoughts flooding in my mind and I’m trying to catch one out of it, but still can’t. This was level 1. Excuse me, the fact still remains the same that you got to feel it, I can’t be the reference for the actual meditation feels. Just trying to tell you what I was able to capture out of just a few days of meditating ( sitting with my own self for just 10 minutes; eyes closed ). I realized one sure thing. What we want to learn or what we wish to know, we make efforts by reading and seeking other sources. But, all answers lie just a blink away. Close your eyes and know the secrets. It’s not about closing your eyes and getting all solutions to your problems. The idea is, the moment we close our eyes for that 10 minutes, we start receiving the calm and peace that we require in abundance in order to deal with a problem.

We face regular challenges where we need to control our ego, stay calm despite the unpleasant situation and handle anger. Most problems arise when people disagree with each other or land up in a difference of opinion. When the other party doesn’t agree to us, anger surfaces. We end up saying or doing something hurtful to the other. Soon, what began as a minor disagreement escalates to a fight and over a period of time, the relationship suffers. It’s an immediate reaction; so at that point of time we can’t expect ourselves to think of staying calm, patient and all. It won’t work, even if we want to. This is a preparation we should make in advance; one of which is called MEDITATION. I have recently realized this. This practice instills peace and harmony in us. Here, we take our attention away from the outer world and focus it within. We begin to experience the divine love within us. Our thought process undergoes a profound transformation. 10 minutes of self revival I call it. It can be done for a longer time as well. Varies from person to person. In whatever sphere we are working, we become a source of help and comfort to those around us. Our ego is kept in check!! The feeling of tranquility that we experience during meditation, stays with us for long and we tend to radiate that calmness in the face of challenging situations or differences of opinion, not allowing situations to escalate into anger. Isn’t that great and achievable? We are ready to compromise or adjust to ensure a peaceful resolution.

If we wish to uncover the luminosity and riches of our soul, meditation can help us. By sitting in meditation for some time each day, you will realize that you are spending time in something that is going to last forever with you. The spiritual gain is eternal. Basically, meditation is a way to devote time to our body, mind and soul. It allows us to spend some time in the quiet of our own self and tap into the treasures within.

The more we meditate, the more we learn to love and be loved. Try this once, if you are reading this and I’m sure you will spread a divine fragrance wherever you go. With daily practice, ( I still miss out some days ) we will observe a remarkable difference in how we approach our relationships—may it be personal or professional. Through inner peace and harmony, we can cultivate stronger bonds of love around us. Let’s together start an effort towards a better surrounding filled with anything else but not anger and ego!! Still in the process of discovering myself and exploring the feels of meditation. Till then you can share your experience in the comments. Will be glad to know how you feel.

My 28th post of the May 2020 Blogging Challenge.

COMPARISON!-your biggest enemy or best friend?!

A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it; It just blooms. The only person you should try to be better than is who you were yesterday. We tend to constantly compare ourselves with others. We are always bothered about what others think of us. When we see others’ achievements and success, we feel inadequate. This is because we are not sufficiently aware of our own self-worth.

Most of the times our mind is pre-occupied with the achievements of others and so we tend to ignore our own accomplishments. When we focus on other people, we lose the time that we could otherwise invest in ourselves. It is rightly said, one should not grow grass by focusing on neighbour’s garden.

Self-acceptance is the key. You should learn to love your past. Your life might have been messy, complex, confused. Everybody’s life has problems-nothing new in that. But please remember, all the ample of mistakes we make or we have already made in our past, have made us better, wiser and more courageous version of ourselves. By embracing our own story and the way we have grown from it, we should try to change our mindsets, attitudes and the direction we take in life. Sounds easy but this is where most of us are stuck.

Our material wealth and peak performances are the basis on which our success is measured. The world looks at us that way. We forget the fact that no two individuals are the same, not even the ones born from the same mother. Then don’t you think we are over-expecting? People are endowed with different gifts in the form of talents. The secret is to identify the talent in us, develop that furthermore and to put them to good use. This process of self-development requires time which we don’t have; because we are busy making comparisons.

Serving others is another way of overcoming the tendency to make comparisons. When we serve others, we focus on our strengths, as we need to offer that to others as well. Therefore, service increases our value, both in our own eyes and in the eyes of others. When we serve, we do not focus on the accomplishments of others. We need to concentrate on our own talents and abilities so that we can reach out to them in the best possible way.

In today’s world, social media is a popular and bigger platform for news and views. Social media often makes us restless, unable to perceive the reality of our own lives. We are challenged daily to discover our own unique path in life. The only healthy way to compete and make comparisons is when we try to better our own performance by looking at others who have achieved much. Social media can be a great source of inspiration, but if you take it in the right way.

This world is all about cut-throat competition. Everybody wants to be in the first place. The world thrives on competition. In the process of achieving success, people do make comparisons; consequences of the comparison made, depicts whether that comparison is your biggest enemy or best friend. We compare our real picture with someone’s Instagram picture and lose the confidence in us; totally unfair. We just want to see other’s success but we don’t pay heed to the hard work and struggle they have gone through to reach this place. Turn this comparison to your inspiration. Let it not be your enemy or a hindrance to your success. Comparison should become your best friend. Let’s use the high standards set by others as a benchmark to improve our own act. If this happens, the comparisons made will work wonders. Don’t you agree?

Recognize your own potential, strive for a better version of yourself, improve the quality of your actions, never lose the confidence in you, compare yourself with others only if it’s a door opener or an inspiration and not if it’s dooming you down. If nothing works, just focus on comparing you with yourself—That’s magic ! Aim on becoming a better version of yourself each day and your job is done. Don’t waste your time and energy in others. Instead; invest that in yourself and you will see the power !!! Believe in yourself and move ahead 🙂 with a SMILE:)

My 27th post of the May 2020 Blogging Challenge!

My shopping strategies–a transformation!

In my recent post on addictions, I felt like including SHOPPING TOO as an addiction. But, I’m the victim in this category, so didn’t preach what I can’t practice. For those who know me, they know what happens to me when it comes to shopping. A complete shopping addict, shopaholic or whatever. For me, shopping has always been a mood lifter, confidence booster and all the good words possible. Also, buying clothes is termed as shopping. This is the first and I guess the only thing that strikes my brain when I hear the word SHOPPING. Footwear, grocery, accessories, bags, etc are all secondary. By God’s grace, it was never about budget. But yes, the idea behind shopping has had transformations for me over a period of time. What I used to think about a particular top 10 years ago is something way different from what I think today. This change is for the better ofcourse.

Strategy 1

My childhood (school days) went in the concept of loving clothes but not to the extent of getting obsessed. My shopping strategy was “I want my mom along with me to figure out and finalize” Also, brand was no where in the picture. The central idea was to be FILTHY RICH in terms of the number of items in my wardrobe. It should overflow with clothes, that’s it. Here, in the journey of collecting too many clothes, we obviously tend to lose the logic! There are so many tops which are just lying and I hardly wear them because they are either not noticed or I don’t have a nice matching bottom to pair it with. But, that didn’t bother me those days. I was happy unless there were too many clothes—-it seemed like a mix treasure of useful and useless objects. I picked what I wanted, wore what I felt like wearing and just slept with the thought that if a thief bumps into my house, all I have to do is tell him to spare my wardrobe and he can take away the rest. Such a simple life that was, haha. Back then, the strategies were so simple. And they worked too. Lemme continue with my transforming journey with respect to SHOPPING. Read till the end and you will know what it is for me today.

Strategy 2

Now comes my college days. Unfortunately, I got my admission in a college at a rural area where there was no need to look glamorous. LOL!! All dreams were shattered at that point of time. Today, I feel fortunate to have tasted the spice of hostel life. But in those days, that was the worst thing for me; one of the reason being I will not get the college glam in terms of wearing clothes. How will I wear fashion?! How will I be the college heroine?! This place wasn’t favorable for all such dreams. I oiled my hair so much in school (my classmates made fun of me too). I endured all the oily jokes on me just with the dreamy thought that I will flaunt my beautiful shiny hair in college. Little did I know what the future had in store for me. This new place was just so appropriate for a neatly oiled hairstyle. Okay, back to my clothes—I didn’t lose hope because I knew my love for clothes and all the “dressing up in style” process is the only thing that will keep me going and boost my confidence over studies as well. I kept shopping and now slowly this shopping concept was taking a turn — My idea from too many clothes turned to I CAN’T REPEAT CLOTHES. Whatever happens I will not wear anything the second time. Quite crazy, isn’t it? Thanks to my mom for always supporting this craziness. And I became popular as the one who doesn’t repeat clothes. WOW, I felt like a rock star those days. Again; no budget, my mum with me in shopping, brands are a little into the picture by now because I had entered the social media and was exposed more to the outer world!!!! Ahh, feeling so nostalgic like the title to this post should have been THOSE WERE THE DAYS. What say?

Strategy 3

College ended and I’m back home from the hostel. The days when there were 2 beautiful things existent— maa ka pyaar and shopping with my sister. Me, my mum and my sister were a trio for everything including shopping. When it comes to clothes, as always, I was greedy unlike my sister who was always (she still is, my darling) ready to sacrifice her favorite possessions for me. Here, brands were a consideration and price too. Also, the kind of clothes I eyed on, were different than the school days and also it was more of a serious discussion and the entire shopping spree felt like a planned event —– where will I wear this, I have this colour already, why spend so much on a night dress, this colour is too light so it won’t survive more than 2 washes, etc. At this point of time–all this irritated me and I felt what has this got to do with something I like. For me, I like a dress and I want to buy it; the matter ends. I had just realized, It was not so easy. To add on to the fire, I got engaged and then married —- all of this was happening super fast before I could actually dream about how my lehenga would be when I get ready as a bride. That was a wedding shopping where I just nodded at sarees and dresses of either my mum’s choice or my in-laws’ choices. Luckily, they weren’t a disaster. I somehow survived the wardrobe for some years post marriage which was an alloy of everyone’s choices and I was the obedient girl wearing everything with a smile.

Strategy 4

So, here I am, the current ME, as original as MYSELF! I have a completely clear picture in my mind about the helluva word SHOPPING. Some things have completely changed, some things are still the same. Today, I can go for shopping alone; unlike before-but I love it even more when it’s with my husband. My choice is my choice– I can’t allow anyone else to interfere unless it’s my husband. Still, for me shopping is all about clothes and clothes. Everything else is secondary just like before. Brands have occupied a big place today as compared to those days. But, one thing I love about myself today is, I have become mindful and I know how to shop smart; to some extent. (there can be errors sometimes when I like something over the limit and all, so please ignore those days which are quite rare). In the era of the SHOP TILL I DROP, I have learnt many ways to experience a successful shopping expedition. Lemme share a few tips with you!

  1. SHOP WITH A LIST: You don’t want, don’t buy; don’t need, don’t buy. It’s the hard earned money that we are spending on our favorite things- so just prepare a little bit in advance. Review what you already have, see what you need (genuinely), make a list and shop accordingly.
  2. POCKET FRIENDLY: Set up a budget. This can be of great help. Whatever may be your budget, stop shopping once you hit that limit. This has always been the toughest part for me, But I want my shopping to make sense so I had to learn this. And I’m happy I did!! (ZARA being an exception:) Look for quality pieces. The quality and price value must coincide. If it does, are you able to carry it well?
  3. SUITABLE TIME AND TIME LIMIT: Shopping is something that should give you happiness at the end of the day. This won’t happen if you don’t pick up a suitable time. A time that works best for you. If the time isn’t appropriate, it will become a stressful activity. If you are already tired, hungry, lonely, not in mood, had a bad day at office, don’t feel like, etc or any other emotions which aren’t pleasant enough for you to take a hundred trials, do not go for shopping. You will tend to make bad or incorrect choices. Also, the time you spend is valuable. Don’t spend it mindlessly over shopping. Fix up a duration, may it be hours or days anything; but just see to it that you finish it within that time. When our shopping isn’t planned, the experience is also random and you will surely end up buying the wrong stuff.
  4. CHECK THE VERSATILITY: Don’t give up buying new stuff but Mindful shopping is the key. Many of us buy impulsively without thinking what will we do with the things we buy. This has happened with me too. We end up taking home things we never wear or never use. While shopping, stop for a moment and think—Do you really need this item? Are you going to wear it atleast 10 times. Repeating clothes is fine ( I used to think just the opposite ). Go for versatile styling. Wear it differently; different footwear, accessories, etc and you are good to go. Being an outfit repeater is not a bad title- the art lies in wearing a single outfit in a hundred different ways.
  5. JUST BECAUSE IT’S ON SALE: SALE– this four letter word is mainly responsible for impulsive shopping. This includes me too. It’s very difficult to restrain from this. The sad part is, I realize I don’t need this only when it’s already purchased from the sale out there. That discount is not at all worth it if it fetches you something you already have or something you don’t need at all. If you are sure you want that, the discount you get is a great deal for you. Only buy items on sale when it’s something that is on your list and is within your budget.
  6. YOUR LIFESTYLE: This is a crucial step. You may like or love that bikini but you either need to know you won’t wear it or you have no plans of a beach vacay in the near future. Why buy then? You are an office person so your closet should mainly consist of those office formals. Suddenly you want to buy some pairs of shorts or skirts. A pair or two is fine for weekend parties (if you are a party person) but otherwise don’t you think it’s gonna be a dead investment? Shop as per your lifestyle. I feel the efforts made while shopping should be such that each item from our wardrobe should be used atleast once!!! This is also difficult nowadays.

We should change the way we approach the word SHOPPING. Think of your clothes as an investment. Will you wear this 10 times? Will this fabric survive 10 washes? Is this exactly what you wanted since so long? Will you love this dress after 6 months? Evaluate these factors and then go for it. The items you collect in your closet after so much planning will be no less than a treasure you’ll cherish for lifetime. You may update, dispose some things and all but it will be an endearing thing you own for yourself. Trust me on that. Hope these simple tips of mine help !! Thanks for reading:)

My 26th post of the May 2020 Blogging Challenge!

The Mane game!

With the STAYING YOUNG skincare wave flooding the market and Instagram, are we forgetting to ask if our hair needs special attention to look youthful, especially in this hot weather? The fact is, hair changes are inevitable. Just like the rest of our body, it undergoes ageing too. With age, the density of hair reduces and it starts graying. We often tend to feel; Oh, there was a time when I had shiny hair, initially my hair texture was good, the water here doesn’t suit my hair, I don’t know what shampoo suits my hair, etc We have permanent queries and complains when it comes to hair, isn’t it? Hair thinning with increasing age is a sure thing, but the rate varies from person to person. It also depends if the person has underlying health conditions like thyroid, diabetes, PCOS, etc. It’s a simple logic; as hormones change when it comes to age or ailment, hair sheds more and grows back lazily. The question is, can we combat this? The good news is, to some extent, damage control is possible.

When you feel that your hair is shedding more than normal or is graying a bit too fast, visit a trichologist (doctors who study and treat hair and scalp issues). These experts study the root cause and can treat and even make hair regrow to some extent. Anemia, iron deficiency, autoimmune disorders or side effects of any medication—-all these contribute to less dense hair, dryness and premature graying.

A GOOD HAIR DIET is something mandatory. There are people who have inherited flawless hair, no matter what they eat or don’t eat—they possess the good hair genes. They do not pay much heed to their beautiful tresses. Even they got to maintain it with high protein diet for the beauty to last longer. But for those who don’t have good hair in the family or gene, better be aware!! You need to eat good hair food which includes eggs, nuts, pumpkin seeds, spinach,legumes, avocado and lentils. Sometimes there is hair loss post an illness like malaria, dengue, etc. In such cases, hair loss can be reversed by taking multivitamin supplements and opting for correct shampoo and conditioner. An expert can guide you better in this. Self-medication is not always a god idea. Please note; Supplements are just a little extra external help, honestly they can’t function alone. Diet and other natural sources are the best means always.

Exercising definitely helps in increasing the blood circulation to the scalp, thereby promoting hair growth. Exercising and protein intake go hand in hand. You have to surround your efforts from all sides – it’s not just one factor we can rely on. And hair growth, hair health related results are all slow- you cannot expect super fast results. You got to have the patience along with consistent efforts.

Hair quality is affected by sun rays and environmental pollution. Make sure you save your strands from the harmful rays of the sun. Cover your head by a hat, stole or umbrella when out in the sun. Keep your head cool; hotheadedness doesn’t work well for your mood as well as mane.

Conditioning your hair after shampoo is a must – 2 years back then, I was using conditioner but only when I felt like or on special occasions till I realized, it’s kind of compulsory to use conditioner post shampoo. I got pretty late in knowing this. Anyways, I’ve seen a difference in my hair after using conditioner every time I shampoo.

Too many heat styling tools ( straightener, curler, dryer ) are not good for our hair, as we all know, but still we tend to use it too much. Limit the use as the heat damages hair and leads to breakage too.

Currently using this personalized shampoo, conditioner & hair serum from FREEWILL

I don’t have super hair genes so there is no question of tresses inheritance. I have hair quality which I can say a little above average; overall volume is less, length medium, they feel soft and smooth; but not the day I wash them. I like my hair the next day after my wash. Also, dandruff is never an issue for me but yes hair fall is a problem. My hunt for a good shampoo never ends it seems…How about you? One important thing I would like to share is, I never miss out on oiling my hair. I never shampoo my hair if they are dry; that is, without oil. They are always oiled around 12 hours prior to my wash( overnight ). It’s a habit in me instilled by my mom. The difference is – she used to do the massage and chumpy those days and now I do it myself….lol:)

So this were some tips on Hair care! Drop your comments below or if there’s anything I can add here.

My 25th post of the May 2020 Blogging Challenge!

Sun-kissed or Sun-missed?:)

Apart from the stress, anxiety and other issues it has brought upon us, the current lockdown has had another effect on our physical health. It is causing Vitamin D deficiency among people because they are stuck indoors. Besides the lockdown situation, Vitamin D deficiency is quite rampant everywhere. Our modern lifestyle is not permitting us to get enough sunshine. The largely sedentary lifestyle we lead, mostly glued to the screen, is limiting our exposure to the natural Vitamin D which we can get naturally from outdoors. Also, heart health concerns and obesity issues are the reasons we hardly see dietary fats in anyone’s plate. So, where do we get this essential nutrient Vitamin D from? That sunlight where we click sun-kissed selfies and glowing pictures is also nutritionally required by our body to a certain extent. Sun-kissed is fine but don’t miss getting that sunlight as well.

Our body manufactures Vitamin D when we are out in the sun. It is rightly referred to as the SUNSHINE VITAMIN. It is essential for our body’s optimal health. Sun’s exposure is the best way to boost Vitamin D levels because there are probably very less sources which provide us with significant amounts of this nutrient.

Please note that the sun’s rays cannot penetrate the windows, so if you’re working near sunny windows, you’re still prone to Vitamin D deficiency.


  • Lethargy and tiredness
  • Persistent back and joint pain
  • Mood swings
  • Muscle pain
  • Headache
  • Hair-fall

The above signs indicate that you may be sunlight deficit. Vitamin D keeps our bones healthy and strong, it improves immunity and is great for brain health as well. People with low levels of Vitamin D are more susceptible to infections. They also are at a greater risk of depression and anxiety.


Regular exposure to sunlight is the most natural source of Vitamin D. Just go for a run/jog for sometime between 7 to 10 am. Spend 20 to 30 minutes in your balcony space where there is enough sunlight in the morning. Sit, read or simply exercise. Keep windows open in the morning for natural sunlight to enter. If possible, Set up your workplace in the morning at a corner where there is maximum sunlight. Just 20 to 30 minutes of sun exposure thrice a week between 7am to 1pm (morning to midday) is sufficient I guess. But your exposure time depends on how sensitive your skin is. Some people get burns very easily. Keep in mind your skin and then figure out the duration of exposure.

A Research also suggests that exercising 2 to 3 hours per week boosts the levels of Vitamin D in the body.

Avoid going totally fat free with your food. Vitamin D is fat soluble. Add generous amounts of desi ghee, home-churned butter, nuts, dry fruits and dairy products to your regime. Other sources include cow milk, soy milk, cereals, mushrooms, egg yolk, yogurt, etc.

Remember, supplements are only to aid and enhance. They are in no way a replacement for your natural resource or baseline diet. Natural sunlight and diet are the ones to be addressed first. Supplements are a last resort. Don’t rely on them.

If it’s possible for you to soak yourself in the sun in the morning or midday, do not miss receiving this essential nutrient which is so valuable and free of cost !!! Don’t miss the Sun 🙂 It’s gonna give you the biggest wealth; HEALTH !

Please tell me more about this sunshine vitamin. Drop your thoughts in the comments. If there’s anything else you want me to blog about, kindly let me know. Always happy to help and spread knowledge. Stay healthy!!

This is my 24th post of the May 2020 Blogging Challenge.


Addiction involves craving for something intensely, loss of control over it’s use and continuing it despite the adverse consequences. Addiction comforts the brain initially by giving pleasure (release of dopamine) and then corrupts the normal drives of the body. By the time we realize, it’s too late. Getting rid of an addiction is tough, but it’s possible!

Addictions come in many forms. It’s no longer only about drugs, alcohol or substance abuse. It could be an addiction for sugar, social media, partying, socializing, gambling, etc. All of this is either out of habit or simply to feel better. Our modern lives are so dependent that we need certain things to rely on to fix our moods. We can’t be happy without these. It’s a sad reality!

May it be any addiction; it literally hijacks our brain and we allow it to do that to us. Anything that alters our mood can be addictive. Emotional issues like stress, anxiety, low self esteem, loneliness, loss, grief, rejection, etc give birth to addictions. So, for someone going through any of these, it’s easy to find solace in addictions because they are great at altering brain signals and providing a false escape from the current situation.


It’s necessary to find the root cause of your addiction. What happened before you actually got into this trap? When you know the root cause, only then can you work towards weaning it off. Your anxiety or stress is relieved because of your current addiction, but do no forget, it’s just a temporary escape. You will soon have to fix your emotional cables and for this you need to know the root cause.

Don’t play the blame game. It’s very easy to put the blame on alcohol or cigarettes. But that’s never the problem. Problem is in the person using it with the wrong attitude and state of mind. We all should be able to handle our emotions in a matured way and not like this. There are so many who smoke or drink but they are totally aware when to stop and control themselves. This maturity is necessary. For anything, self-control is mandatory, otherwise you are on the way to self-destruction.

The reward (boost in the brain) you get when you see that notification pop up, or roll a lucky seven, makes you want more of it. That becomes something you can’t live without. If you feel you have a habit that’s out of control—start monitoring yourself, try developing control over it, if required, consult a doctor too; before it’s too late.


You shouldn’t do something just because your friends are doing it and it is trendy. Peer pressure is the biggest enemy everywhere—-be it school, college, parties, office, etc. Learn to stand by your opinion. If it’s a No amidst all of them with a Yes, it’s fine. In this process of refusal, you may lose many friends and social groups, but you should also know that these are the people worth moving away from. A good friend will never force you to do things you don’t wish to indulge into.

Most people are unable to accept a bad day or a bad event in their life. In order to escape from that unpleasant emotion they tend to get inclined to addictive resorts. These are never permanent. These are just external aids to numb your feelings inside, it suppresses you. You are destroying yourself. If it’s a bad day for you, just go through it, face it. Time will change. When you try to kill sadness through addictions, you are burning the wires of happiness and joy as well.

There is no magic pill to be happy or to stay away from the harmful addictions. Self discipline is the hero!

Dopamine is a motivation chemical that our brain produces naturally. We lose it over time due to poor lifestyle, heavy medication, etc. The fluctuation in the levels of dopamine is basically giving you your mood swings. Social media, surfing the net for hours, checking for notifications every 5 minutes—are all symptoms of low dopamine levels. When you do these things– it stimulates dopamine production and you get the excitement and thrill; the temporary happiness.



We can’t deny the fact that most of us are addicted to our phones. We have it with us all the time and we keep checking it every few minutes. I don’t remember when I had turned my phone off. Before it gets discharged, we run around for charging it, as if the world’s gonna end without it. Our phones have started coming in the way of our life. I am a phone lover too, but that control should be there. Learn to be without it for few hours in the whole day. We ignore the ones on the table with whom we’re having our dinner, to reply to a friend sitting miles away. Is it fair? Sharing details about yourself with others on social media creates a rush of positive feelings within you and leaves you wanting it more and more. You’re hooked by then.

2. CAFFEINE: How many of you are used to their dose of caffeine in the morning?

So many of us are unable to start our day without tea or coffee. I have seen people getting headaches or feeling nervous without that jolt of caffeine. That’s not exactly an addiction but try and cut it out of your life. If you don’t get tea or coffee for a day, it should be absolutely fine. Don’t be dependent on that coffee to stimulate you or activate your senses. Be strong enough without it.


This is something you literally crave for. You need not be a chocolate lover but some sweets tend to cause that cling. You can’t stop yourself from having it. My craving occurs for my favorite chocolate at times. Foods high in carbs, fats and sugar can affect your brain just like drugs do. Again, craving for that milkshake once in a while doesn’t mean you’re hooked. But there are chances that your sweet tooth gets out of control and lead to other health problems. Please take care.

4. GAMBLING: Whether you do it in person or online, at slot machines or poker table, that rush provides your brain a hit of dopamine and makes you happy—-for a while though. You keep winning and you feel like gambling over it again and again. At a certain point, lady luck is suddenly not with you. Too much betting is dangerous to your mental health, finances, job and family life. This is obviously an addiction and by the time we realize, we have lost everything.


Junk food causes a release of dopamine in the brain. The brain interprets this dopamine as pleasure. So, it gives them that temporary boost and they tend to get cravings when the brain starts calling for such foods—usually the junk, unhealthy foods. The modern junk foods stimulate the brain dopamine release system in a much powerful way than the healthy nutritious foods. While eating unhealthy food, even though the conscious mind knows they’re unhealthy, the brain seems to disagree. This conflict inside you will make you crave and over-eat as well. This sums up to the addiction and trust me it’s no less than drug addiction. BEWARE!!! Yet, there are some people who can easily control the types of foods they eat, while others can’t. EATING MORE AND MORE JUNK FOOD can result in serious health issues. It is great to have fun but at the same time, we need to be mindful too.

So, these were the five surprising addictions in today’s world…Let’s be aware and take good care of ourselves.

My 23rd post of the May 2020 Blogging Challenge.

HAPPINESS – it’s our own responsibility:)

As life moves on; our idea of happiness evolves too. But, does the core belief of what makes us happy really change?

As life grows, we tend to change our perceptions, thoughts and ideas on how we start taking things or how we express our emotions. Our surroundings change, relations change, people around us change, But the idea of happiness or things that make us smile don’t really change; shouldn’t change rather. I always believe, HAPPINESS LIES IN THE LITTLE THINGS. You can find your happiness in the simplest events or littlest things around you. The point is, Do you want to see that happiness and Do you wish to see the bright stars amidst the dark sky. If we just keep grumbling about the darkness of the night, we will never be able to see a star there. Our happiness is our own responsibility. Try to figure out first, what is the idea that lies within you? Ups and downs are a part and parcel of life. We can’t change that rhythm. But we can be on a constant high, as we shift from one excitement to another—that’s in our control. Then why not? It’s okay to be selfish when it comes to happiness. For me, my health and my happiness are my top priority. This doesn’t mean making someone sad and being happy ofcourse, but to find your own happiness, strive for it, giving yourself and your smile utmost importance. Some things are silly and stupid, but as long as it’s making you smile—voila!!! it’s worth it.

That moment when I get my picture clicked just the way I wanted it to be, my birthday and also the night before, The first raindrop on the tip of my tongue, the mitti ki khushbu after rain, the chirping of birds, the feeling when i spot a peacock, every single time I look up at the aeroplane in the sky, the time when my kid says he loves me, his good night kiss on my nose when instantly everything shines bright, the moment when his smile changes my mood in a fraction of a second, a romantic message from hubby amidst his busy day at office, the feather touch of my mom’s hand on my cheek, the inflexion in Rudra’s voice when he says MUMMA, a baby’s dimpled bum, a sudden unexpected smile, when my sister understands what exactly I’m feeling without me uttering a word, message from an oldest friend, increase in my blog views, and so much moreeeeee. Happiness lies everywhere; especially in the little things. I see happiness in the depths of a gaze that suddenly darkens with passion, I smell it in the fragrance of a rose, I feel it in the sip of hot coffee with hubby while watching Netflix, I hear it in the uninhibited laugh of my child.

Happiness is like an elusive angel-—-it evades you completely when you chase her and settles on you like a mantle when you least expect it.

Happiness is a gift that you give yourself and your smile is the radiant energy that you transmit to the ones around you—–this is what you call VIBE! And whether to generate this vibe or not is totally your responsibility. You are solely responsible for what you are feeling right now. You can Turn your face to any of the emojis on whats app—it’s up to you !!! If I’m happy, the magic is all mine and if I’m sad, I failed to shine on!!

How much ever the times change or the world evolves; the core thought remains the same —- WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR OUR OWN STATE OF HAPPINESS. Happiness comes from within. It’s very easy to fake that superficial smile but that is not real happiness. You can choose to be happy by finding one good thing amidst a hundred upsetting things. A happy person is not the one with zero problems. We all have problems and it’s something we can’t get rid of. But a happy person is just the one who has learnt to deal with those problems.

Comparing ourselves to others is the biggest mistake we make. The only way ahead is to get ahead of yourself—-become better with each step. GUILT and REGRET are the toughest enemies of HAPPINESS. The only way to avoid these traps is to be true to your own self. If you stick to your own principles and beliefs, you will never have a reason to regret or feel guilty about anything. In case, you are going through some guilt or regret, just face it, forgive yourself, make sure you are not entering this trap again and just try to move on. THE SHOW MUST GO ON. Even if you hold onto a sad moment, the ship of life doesn’t stop sailing, then why sail in sadness. Be happy and feel the waves of the ocean called LIFE:)

One is happiest when deeply connected to oneself and to the environment one dwells in; when one loves and is loved back, when one respects and is respected back. When one believes and is trusted as well. Happiness will exist till this algorithm exists. Since, life is not so kind enough to keep us all in a constant state of bliss, I guess it’s left to each individual to look for his or her own moments of elation. Figure out your spark and the thing that makes you shine on. Enjoy the little moments to the fullest and here goes My favorite line —-LIVE TODAY LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW:)

My 22nd post of the May 2020 Blogging Challenge. I hope this post gives you HAPPINESS…

Stay happy!! love—-AKIRAA